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California Wildflowers Collection

The California Wildflowers Collection is meant to bring the feeling of California in spring and summer to your home, wherever you are in the world. The sandy clay with the little brown flecks is almost the exact color of the arid soil here. The green blades of grass spring up in contrast, carved into the clay as if they grew there. Poppies, lupine, and tiny flowers of red and yellow all crowd the surface of the pottery with glorious color that you can enjoy year-round rather than just for a few weeks in the spring. 

All my life, I've lived in a valley with the same backdrop of stark, dry hills, rocks, and drought-tolerant trees. For a brief few weeks in the spring everything turns green with the rain and the wildflowers bloom everywhere. So many California Poppies, mustard, and other flowers grow all at once that entire hills and fields can be transformed from dry and brittle foliage to solid, intense masses of color. 

The clay on this collection is left bare on the exterior and has a slightly rough earthiness to it, like the surface of a stone. This forms a pleasant contrast to the bright color and high gloss of the glaze on the flowers and the grass.