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Handmade Stoneware Cat Mug in Aurora Glaze, Desert Sky Mountains

Giselle No. 5 Ceramics

Handmade Stoneware Cat Mug in Aurora Glaze, Desert Sky Mountains

$ 58.00

Dry desert mountains below a sky filled with moon, stars, and the glorious colors of the aurora borealis. But wait ... the sky is staring at you, its' ears alert to every night sound, whiskers quivering. Is ... is that a cat on the left?  

Yes. Yes it is. Don't tell me I've gone too far. You know you love it. The cat's tail curves around your hand perfectly. Right handed users only, sorry. This kitty hates lefties. Totally unreasonable as you know cats can be. 

The exterior is left partially unglazed and stone-like, decorated with texture, and layered with several different flowing glazes to achieve a colorful, gloriously drippy effect. The interior is glazed a plain glossy black. 

All glazes used are non-toxic and food-safe. 
Dishwasher safe. 
Do not microwave. 

Height: 3 1/4 in. (8.3 cm)
Diameter (at top): 3 in. (7.6 cm)
Volume: 12 oz. (355 ml)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All designs, creative content, descriptions and images are copyright 2019-2020 by Giselle No. 5 Ceramics - Giselle Massey - whether registered or unregistered. Making copies of my work is strictly prohibited. Violation of this copyright may subject the violator to civil and/or criminal prosecution. All rights reserved. 

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