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Giselle No. 5 Ceramics

Aurora Cat Mug

$ 55.00

This cat has deep, mysterious eyes in seaweed green. They seem to gaze right into your mind. You suddenly feel you need, and have always needed, a quirky cat mug for all your beverages. 

IMPORTANT: These are specifically to be used in the right hand. If used in the left the ears will get in the way and you will spill your coffee everywhere. The cat will laugh at you, too. No loyalty. 

This listing is for one (1) of the mugs pictured. Please select the cat you would like to purchase from the options. The volume of liquid they hold varies and is specified for each one. They are all between 3.5"-4" in height and approximately 3" at the top diameter. 

All clay and glazes used are non-toxic and lead-free. 
Dishwasher safe. 
Do not microwave. 

Please note: all computer monitors display color differently. I have done my best to convey accurate color, but please be aware that the item you receive may appear slightly different from the photo you're looking at now. 

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All designs, creative content, descriptions, and images are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Giselle No. 5 Ceramics - Giselle Massey - whether registered or unregistered. Making copies of my work is strictly prohibited. Violation of this copyright may subject the violator to civil and/or criminal prosecution. All rights reserved. 


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